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Spareparts from the Sumaya - Sudan - Khartoum
Sparepartsis there any posiblities of sending spareparts for the car...

Suzuki Wagon R History
Wagon R HistoryThe Suzuki Wagon R, also known as the Wagon R , is a city car built in Hungary and Japan (Esztergom) and is a badge engineered version of the Opel Agila. Sales commenced in summer 2000.

On the European market, the car has a 1.3L gasoline engine. Only one trim level and one engine are offered. Equipment levels, a fairly low price and running costs also contributed towards the Wagon R's success.

Since the beginning of production this model had body type Light RV.

MC22SSep 2002
MC22SApr 2002
MC22SNov 2001
MC22SMay 2001
MC22S, MC12SFeb 2001
MC22S, MC12SDec 2000
CT51S, CV51SJun 1998
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